Hello, everyone, do you like to travel? I love it, especially the domestic...

Hello, everyone, do you like to travel? I love it, especially the domestic hot-spring trip is the best. Among them, the most impressive thing left is the ivy hot spring inn in Aomori Prefecture, where I went for the first time in a single age I did not have any particular thought and somehow chose to go there. Before going there, walking in the Oirase streams etc, there were people from local radio stations, so we came here In the evening, I arrived at the ryokan and immediately entered a hot spring At first I felt very hot, but I gradually got accustomed to it relatively Even though it was an early time, people got too little relaxed I was very surprised that it was cooked and carried by the carriage It was delicious, but it was very delicious Also before the end of eating, cooking was carried I came to the staff thought that it was a mistake, but it was not so It was also young at that time, but it was an amount I could not eat taste is satisfactory Also, at night, outside There was another surprise when it came to the sky The sky full of stars was spreading in the sky For us who live in the city it is the scene I see for the first time indeed, the number of stars that are about to come down in the sky It was spreading It happened to be a great night, when the shooting star was seen, it was the best night In the morning, there is a walking course in front of the inn, the walks while listening to the appearance of the birds and cries, feeling the scent of the forest are very refreshing There is an opportunity, it is the inn you want to visit again

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